Jun 6, 2014  Düsseldorf / Germany

Interns Given Cross-Functional Insights into the World of Henkel

Shaping Perspectives

From Accountancy and Controlling to Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain Management, Research & Development and Human Resources – each year around 1500 motivated students from all around the world gain professional experience as interns at Henkel. At regularly held “Intern Days,” they are also given the opportunity to look beyond the boundaries of their own department and become more acquainted with the extensive diversity of activities and areas the company has to offer. 

At Beauty Care’s Intern Day 2014

At Beauty Care’s Intern Day, 36 interns were given the opportunity to discover the fascinating world of Henkel’s cosmetics and toiletries business

students meeting Henkel managers from a range of different functions within Beauty Care

During a speed-networking session, the students had the chance to meet Henkel managers from a range of different functions within Beauty Care

An expert explaining the effectiveness of the Persil Duo Caps

An expert explaining the effectiveness of the Persil Duo Caps, a current innovation within the detergent business

At Laundry & Home Care’s toilet laboratory

At Laundry & Home Care’s toilet laboratory, the students gazed at toilets from all over the world

Right from their first day, interns at Henkel are part of a structured program that fully integrates them into the company. They are also assigned to an experienced mentor from their department to provide personal support and assistance. The students gain more than just useful insights into the company’s daily business; they also get to manage their own projects.

During the Intern Days, these young talents are encouraged to network with Henkel managers and ask them about possibilities to join the company. “These regular events held by various functions and business units within the organization are always very popular among the interns,” says Joana Adu-Amponsah from Henkel’s Employer Branding team. “They have the opportunity to look beyond what they already know and acquire a more rounded impression of the company’s many operations and activities.” Aside from speed networking, presentations on career themes, and a relaxed get-together, the Intern Days contain a variety of other, equally engaging activities.

For example, at a recent Intern Day hosted by the business unit Beauty Care in Düsseldorf, the students were given an experience tour of Beauty Care’s “Lighthouse” customer center. Enjoying the futuristic atmosphere, they gained valuable insights into the way Beauty Care does business – from product innovations to marketing. They also had an opportunity to try out different hairstyles and Schwarzkopf colorants using the screens installed in the Digital Lounge.

In June, the business unit Laundry & Home Care provided the Henkel interns with valuable insights: A tour through the Research and Development laboratory introduced the students to innovations within the world of heavy-duty and specialty laundry detergents, fabric softeners, household cleaning products and much more besides. The highlight of the tour was the business unit’s toilet laboratory, in which the employees conduct research with different toilets from all over the world.

Students who perform outstanding well during their internship are offered a place on the Henkel intern retention program “Career Track,” which enables them to participate in exclusive seminars, training courses and workshops, thus receiving assistance for their early development. As a result, the company is able to constantly develop young talents keen on joining Henkel’s ranks, which many former “trackies” do, once they have completed their studies.

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