Jun 13, 2014  Düsseldorf / Germany

Website ranking by Investis

International recognition for the Henkel website

The latest “IQ Digital Presence Ranking” prepared by the international communications agency Investis puts Henkel in the top 20. The Investis study, published twice a year, assesses the internet presence of companies in terms of user-friendliness and content. The Henkel website is currently ranked 13th among the 331 companies analyzed. 

Henkel’s internet presence comes out particularly well in an industry-specific comparison with other consumer goods manufacturers: In the “Personal & Household Goods” sector, the company holds the number one position among fifty contenders, thus maintaining its top placement from previous rankings. Henkel also performed exceptionally well within the DAX 30 classification, taking third place behind Bayer and BASF. Notably, the company scores a “Very Good” in the “Careers”, “Corporate Social Responsibility”, and “Governance” categories.

The “Investis IQ Digital Presence Ranking” is one of the most extensive international benchmarking studies in its field. The agency applies some 200 criteria in assessing internet presence quality, with the websites being evaluated on the basis of twelve different categories. These include use of different multimedia resources, user navigation and site clarity, mobile accessibility, and page content related to topic variety.

The results of the analysis reveal that, in terms of overall performance, the websites concerned are constantly improving. And, in an international comparison, the websites of the DAX 30 companies are particularly successful.

A complete overview of the results and further information are available on the Investis Blog.

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