Jun 20, 2014  Poland

Diversity in social and political life

Henkel Poland partners Congress of Women

Henkel has become a partner of the 6th Congress of Women, which promotes ideas of diversity in social and political life in today’s Poland. This is a regular event, organized in Poland’s capital, Warsaw, in which thousands of Polish men and women participate every year.

Henkel, a sustainability leader in the Polish market for many years, was present at the Congress, showcasing its global diversity strategy. The company presented a social project to help women prepare for employment, known as “On the way to work.” During one of the panel discussions entitled “Superwoman - Polish and Foreign Experiences,” Henkel also had the chance to share with the Congress’ participants its experiences in internally promoting the idea of a work-life balance. Henkel is a worldwide leader in sustainability, as is also manifested in responsible and sustainable practices in the field of work organization and personnel management. The company is active in implementing a policy of diversity in terms of gender, age and nationality.

One of the company’s measurable strategic objectives is to increase the share of women among its managerial staff by 1 to 2 percentage points yearly. Henkel in Poland actively promotes the careers of female managers through a program of internal networking known as “Women in Leadership.” Moreover, the company creates a working environment that allows employees to secure a better balance in their professional and personal life. This is fostered internally by a raft of organizational initiatives such as the Work-Life Flexibility campaign, flexible working hours, home-office arrangements, part-time working arrangements and job sharing.

During the "Superwoman - Polish and Foreign Experiences" panel discussion, Dorota Strosznajder, Head of Corporate Communications at Henkel Polska, shared the company’s experiences in supporting and implementing the right work-life balance in business practice: “The main task of a company supporting the idea of a work-life balance is to create a system that allows employees to fulfill their different social roles. Such employees are then more engaged in work and more loyal toward the company. This in turn translates into projects completed faster, lower staff turnover rates, better relationships with customers and suppliers and, consequently, better financial results.”

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