Jul 15, 2014  Manila / Philippines

Recognition of sustainability initiatives

Henkel Philippines wins Sustainable Business Awards

Henkel Philippines received the Best Environmental Disclosure and the Special Recognition for Water Management awards at the Sustainable Business Awards (SBA) Philippines on July 14, 2014. Organized by the Global Initiatives Group in conjunction with Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC), the awards recognize companies that are sustainable in all aspects of their business.

Henkel Philippines wins Sustainable Business Awards

From left to right: Elaine Kunkle, President of Henkel Philippines; Grace San Jose, Operations Manager; and Engeleen Visagas Safety, Health and Environmental Protection Manager, at the SBA ceremony

Henkel Philippines’ Cabuyao plant, which produces water-based adhesives for the Industrial Adhesives business unit, won with several excellent initiatives. Its projects targeted at saving water, reducing waste, and minimizing energy usage, display the company’s strong commitment to improving its impact on the environment while enhancing manufacturing performance.

Reuse of mixer water

Using the final rinsing water of other mixers as the initial washing for the 5-tonne mixer saves 10,000 liters of water a month.

Use of pressure washers

Using a high-pressure mechanical sprayer rather than a faucet or hose reduces water consumption by 50%, eliminates the hazard of workers entering the mixer to clean and reduces the amount of time needed to wash.

Use of skylight in warehouse

Using natural light instead of fluorescent lamps minimizes electricity consumption by 12,496 kilowatt-hour a month. Using fewer lamps also reduces hazardous solid waste.

A common waste collection area

Bins for different solid wastes are separated and marked clearly, allowing employees to sort recyclables, and manage other types of solid waste properly.

Reuse of sampling bottles

After 6 months, samples are discarded at the waste-collection areas, and the bottles are cleaned and used again to minimize bottle waste.

In addition to reducing footprint, when it comes to delivering more value in sustainability, the safety and health of Henkel employees are of utmost importance. The Cabuyao plant has now enjoyed a 100% accident-free record since operations started in 2009.

The Philippines team was also recently recognized as a key sustainable business partner in Nestle’s ‘Greening the Supply Chain’ program, demonstrating the company’s solid and long-standing commitment to sustainability.

“Sustainability is truly a way of life at Henkel Philippines,” said Elaine Kunkle, President of Henkel Philippines, who accepted the awards on behalf of the employees of Henkel Philippines. “The focus on sustainability by our employees is second to none. Even in the midst of the awards ceremony, our Safety, Health and Environmental Protection Manager, Engeleen Visagas, was noting down best practices and new ideas,which could be implemented at the plant.”

The Sustainable Business Awards is an important resource for businesses worldwide. It aims to increase the awareness of sustainable best practices and demonstrate how sustainable businesses benefit companies, the environment, and all stakeholders. SBA uses a comprehensive framework assessing business action across ten categories:

  • Strategy & Vision
  • Workforce
  • Community
  • Energy Management
  • Water Management
  • Waste & Material Productivity
  • Climate Change
  • Supply Chain
  • Land Use, Biodiversity & Environmental Impact
  • Business Responsibility & Ethics 

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