Jul 17, 2014  Düsseldorf / Germany

2014 MIT Photo Competition

Worth a Thousand Words

Since 1998, Henkel has been supporting its employees and retirees in their social volunteering activities through the MIT initiative (MIT = Make an Impact on Tomorrow). Also in this year, Henkel has invited these volunteers to submit their best pictures. Now the results are in: the winning pictures of the 2014 MIT Photo Competition show once again the broad variety of volunteer projects that Henkel employees and retirees get involved in. 

The winners were chosen by employees voting online during the last couple of weeks and the results are terrific: The winning pictures of the category “The atmosphere of your MIT project” show a broad variety of individual moments captured by MIT-volunteers during their project work.

The ten winning photos of the category “You in action during your MIT project” on the other hand portray the Henkel volunteer working hard or enjoying a cheerful moment. “The images are very impressive, powerful and emotional”, says Nadine Frey, Coordinator MIT Initiative. “It is amazing to see in what kind of MIT projects Henkel employees and retirees get involved around the world.” Each picture transports a unique message and awakens different emotions, but first and foremost they all show the positive changes achieved by the MIT projects around the world.

Top 3 photos of the category “The atmosphere of your MIT project”

Germany: Feeding up orphaned ducklings

Petra Burnett (HR), a volunteer at the "Freunde & Förderer Ohligser Vogelpark e. V.", regularly feeds up orphaned wild animals (e.g. ducklings, hedgehogs, swallows) at home. The picture shows one of the ducklings after its first bath and how it finds shelter in human hands. The association's goal is to give the public an understanding of animal rescue. Part of it is breeding and returning the ophanded animals to the wild as soon as they are old enough.

Tanzania: Giving children the opportunity of going to school

The project "Help for the Massai", supported by Bernd Frykowski (Adhesive Technologies), gives many massai-children in Tanzania the opportunity of going to school. The MIT Initiative helped enlarging the school's and preschool's capacities. The picture was taken during lunch break (nap time): while the children were sleeping in the background, Esther was way too excited.

Namibia: Supporting schools and children's happiness

Since 2007 Henke's MIT initiative supports a preschool as well as school project in Namibia. Last year school books, chairs and benches, a climbing frame as well as mattresses for the dormitories were bought with the help of donations. While retiree Fred Schambil visited the school last year, the headmaster asked all the children to show their gratefulness through a gesture. The picture shows a child's own interpretation.

Top 3 photos of the category “You in action during your MIT project”

Germany: Being actively involved in a preschool parent's council

Mike Kaplan (Infrastructure Services) volunteers in his children's preschool parent's council in Düsseldorf, Germany. Next to help and advice a round on the swing with the kids is also part of his voluntary work.

Germany: Improving the life situation of adults with early childhood autism

The residential house Sonnenschein in Gevelsberg, Germany, is a very exceptional facility belonging to the AWO (Workers' Welfare Association). 24 adults with early childhood autism live here. Together with other parents and legal representatives Hans-Juergen Schwark (Infrastructure Services) supports the residents and the facility in order to sustainably improve their life situation.

USA: Integrating socially-deprived families into society

Bill Niedbala (Adhesive Technologies) has been supporting the organization "Operation Holiday Happiness" for more than ten years - not only as Santa Claus as seen on the photo. The project aims to integrate socially-deprived families into society.

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