Aug 8, 2014  Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia

Henkel Malaysia hosted a group of Master students from Maastricht University

Attracting top talents

Henkel Malaysia hosted a group of Master students from Maastricht University in the Netherlands at its Menara office in Kuala Lumpur, as part of Henkel’s ATTRACT program. ATTRACT is a global initiative from Henkel’s finance department, which focuses on recruiting activities in selected universities worldwide.

This was the first time a Southeast Asian country collaborated with Henkel’s headquarters to host the "One day at Henkel" event for students in an emerging-market country. Local hosts, Ulrich Borgstaedt, Southeast Asia Head of Finance and Adhesives Controller and Kulvinder Singh, Head of Finance and Compliance Officer of Malaysia and Singapore, were fully supported with equal excitement by Henkel Malaysia’s Country President, Tan Hock Guan, the various business units and the function heads.

“Henkel identified Maastricht as a target university in Europe and the visit provided an excellent opportunity for us to get to know each other, with the goal of attracting more international students for internships in Southeast Asia and creating an even stronger bond with Henkel,” said Ulrich Borgstaedt.

During the visit the team talked about Henkel’s operations in Malaysia and in the emerging region of Southeast Asia. The management team also discussed human resources and financial topics and gave insights to the students on Henkel’s value propositions. The Schwarzkopf Academy was open to the group to experience Schwarzkopf Professional products and learn about the correct application methods. The students left with a very thorough understanding of the importance of Henkel’s business in the region.

Maastricht University

Maastricht University is the youngest university in the Netherlands but with nearly 16,000 students, it is growing at a rapid pace. Since its founding in 1976, Maastricht University has left its mark on higher education in both the Netherlands (having been repeatedly ranked as the best university for Business and Economics in the Netherlands by Elsevier) as well as abroad. Maastricht University’s Masters program in International Business is ranked 28th of all business programs in the world according to the Master in Management Programs published by the Financial Times. Henkel Germany is closely associated with Maastricht University in Europe and organizes campus talks as part of the ATTRACT program.

Henkel is doing a lot in terms of campus activities, internship programs and early binding strategies to attract young talents. Henkel strongly believes in tapping the creative ideas of talented students, who will shape the future and have an impact on Henkel's products and technologies. To build a strong pipeline of ‘next generation’ leaders and to support and help drive our ambitious Asia Pacific growth goals, Henkel conducts several other initiatives for recruitment, development, acceleration and retention of its employees.

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