Aug 27, 2014  Rocky Hill, Bridgewater / USA

Henkel organized “Take Your Children to Work Day”

Kids at work

“I wonder what my parents’ work looks like.” This is a question a lot of kids ask themselves. Employees’ children in Rocky Hill and Bridgewater, U.S.A had the chance to get an answer to this question during “Take Your Children to Work” activities which were hosted by the two sites.

Employees’ children got a first-hand look at their parents’ jobs on Take Your Children to Work Day in Rocky Hill, Connecticut and Bridgewater, New Jersey, U.S.A. The kids traded their schoolbooks for lab coats and safety glasses as they enjoyed a variety of hands-on activities.

In Rocky Hill, 42 children participated in sustainability-themed activities including making windmills in the labs and building balloon-powered racecars. Bridgewater hosted 67 children, including 11 students from Bridgewater High School for the first time. Lab activities included a “flubber” activity and learning what goes into making juice bags, with additional activities focused on Customer Service/Supply Chain and Finance.

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