Sep 3, 2014  Scottsdale / USA

Partnership with Fresh Artists

Renuzit Adjustables receive a charitable redesign

This summer, Renuzit colored outside the lines and partnered with Fresh Artists, a non-profit organization benefiting art programs in underprivileged schools.

“As a team, we wanted to find an opportunity to inspire personal expression and while watching a morning talk show I came across Barbara Allen, the founder of Fresh Artists, and thought this was the perfect match,” said Jeff Huffman, Director of Marketing, Renuzit.

Renuzit took their core fragrances and reviewed more than 1,200 pieces of artwork made by Fresh Artists students in kindergarten through high school. The jury had to choose five art pieces that best represented the scent. Included in the chosen five are a group project for the “After the Rain” scent from HMS School, a school for students living with cerebral palsy, and colored paper mosaic of raspberries made by using recycled paint color chips.

Two million cones were manufactured and sold in Walmart stores across the nation. A Philadelphia Walmart hosted a revealing party coordinated by Fresh Artists and provided displays for the Renuzit Adjustables. Renuzit donated a total of $100,000 to Fresh Artists to further help their mission to provide art supplies and art programs to underprivileged schools.

Fresh Artists  is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting access for all children to the transformative self-expression of art making and philanthropy. Fresh Artists supplies innovative art programs and art supplies to art teachers in severely under-resourced public schools, and engages the children being served as full philanthropic partners in the giving process.

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