Sep 5, 2014  Seoul / Korea

Henkel Sustainability Ambassadors in Korea trained employees' children

A lesson in sustainability

Henkel Sustainability Ambassadors in Korea organized a class at the Henkel Korea headquarters in Seoul, where the subject of sustainability was discussed in a lively environment with employees' children.

During the “School Project”, the Sustainability Ambassadors highlighted the importance of leading a more sustainable life to employees' children. The first class was held on August 1st at the Henkel Mapo office in Seoul, where Henkel Korea's employees and their children participated in a two hour session. But what made this class different from the ones children would have had at school? The focus was set on each person's individual contribution to leading a sustainable life.

The children were also given educational materials, such as a workbook. To further enhance their interest and participation, the Henkel Korea Corporate Communications team also engaged the children with fun yet educational items such as games and cubes to learn about sustainability. Many interesting discussions were carried out during the class, and the kids also had the chance to watch a video and participate in sustainability themed activities. For example, they learned how to reduce waste made of plastic, cans, and glass. They also found out how long it takes for waste to decay by making their own garbage can.

The resonance was overwhelmingly positive, and the children presented many creative ideas on what sustainability means to them. They also actively demonstrated how good habits and practices contribute to sustainability on a daily basis. In addition, Henkel Korea President Gregg Rossier, a Sustainability Ambassador himself, led the class and interacted with the children.

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