Nov 17, 2014  Jakarta / Indonesia

Building homes in cooperation with Habitat for Humanity and Miracle Aesthetic Clinic

Enlightening experience

Seven female employees from Henkel Indonesia spent a day building homes for vulnerable families in Jakarta. The building project, organized by Habitat for Humanity and Miracle Aesthetic Clinic, aims to provide decent homes and alleviate poverty.

Female volunteers from Henkel Indonesia

Female volunteers from Henkel Indonesia

With a strong spirit of volunteerism, a total of 40 Henkel employees joined forces with the clinic staff and other helpers to join the activity of building homes. An effort with a big result: the motivated women were involved in building three houses in only one day. Despite the fact that it was the first time for almost all of them, the ladies were encouraged to help and eager to pitch in for the community.

Marni Novalina Lubis, Human Resources Specialist, Indonesia, said, “Meeting the homeowners and their children personally was an enlightening experience. I am really glad to be able to share the joy and bring hope to these families.” Marni emphasized: “We are not just building four walls and a roof; we are building homes to improve their basic quality of life. The children will have a better place to study, while families benefit from a better living environment.”

In the upcoming months – supported by Henkel’s MIT (Make an Impact on Tomorrow) funding – Henkel Indonesia will be working with Habitat for Humanity to build homes and provide improved water sanitation for the Tanjong Anom Village in Tangerang.

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