Nov 18, 2014  Nieuwegein / Netherlands

Support of social project in Benelux

Together for children

Employees from Henkel Benelux joined forces and helped constructing a playground in Nieuwegein, a city in the Dutch province of Utrecht.

Employees from Henkel Benelux helped constructing a playground.

Employees from Henkel Benelux helped constructing a playground.

‘Bouwspeeltuin Bouwgein’ – this is the name of the playground which now offers local children and visitors various play equipment. About 30 employees from the Henkel site in Nieuwegein volunteered to build the new playground in November.

''By doing chores together, people from the various departments got to know each other better, which was a fun and valuable experience. Besides that, it was nice to help ‘Bouwspeeltuin Bouwgein’ with materials and our labor", said Robert von Kampen, Henkel Beauty Care Retail Benelux.

Mirjam de Groot from ‘Bouwspeeltuin Bouwgein’ stressed the value of Henkel’s contribution: “We were able to achieve more thanks to Henkel’s volunteers. They made the entire wall panel for the playground’s hall and painted one of our rooms.”

Henkel has shown great social commitment by founding a partnership with ‘Samen voor Nieuwegein’, a network of socially engaged organizations in the city. The purpose of this association is to strengthen the bond between businesses and society and thereby supporting the local community. Sustainability and corporate social responsibility have always been an integral part of the company and Henkel Benelux once again proves that a small effort can have a big impact.

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