Dec 2, 2014  Düsseldorf / Germany

Streamlined brand structure for Henkel’s industrial adhesives business

Purbond Rebranded as Loctite

As part of the new, leaner branding concept adopted by Henkel for its industrial adhesives business, the timber construction adhesives previously known as Purbond are to be marketed under the Loctite brand. Henkel – the world’s leading manufacturer of adhesives, sealants and functional coatings – has thus taken another step in implementing its policy of facilitating customer orientation within its brands portfolio. In this streamlining process, all products of Henkel’s Adhesive Technologies business unit are being transferred to five intuitively assimilable umbrella brands, each of which represents a group of specific technologies and applications.

Der TimberTower in Hannover wurde mit Klebstoffen der Marke Loctite (ehemals Purbond) aus Holz errichtet.

The TimberTower wind turbine mast sited in Hannover was constructed using adhesives under the Loctite (formerly: Purbond) brand.

Innenansicht der verklebten Holzkonstruktion des TimberTower.

Internal view of the cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels used to build the TimberTower.

In addition to driving organic growth, Henkel has also acquired a number of businesses over recent years. As a consequence, the company is able to offer its customers a high-quality service encompassing a wide variety of solutions. In the course of time, however, Henkel has also retained a large number of product names and brands, making its range of industrial adhesive technologies unduly complex.

The company therefore decided last year to introduce a new branding policy that involved splitting the portfolio between the five main brands Loctite, Bonderite, Technomelt, Teroson and Aquence. In future, all products are to be assigned to these five technology cluster brands, each of which represents a group of specific technologies and applications.

As part of this restructuring process, the products that previously bore the Purbond name will instead now appear as part of the Loctite range, Henkel’s brand for products used in wood and timber applications involving especially developed high-performance solutions based on polyurethanes and other reactive systems.

The new product designations will, however, still reflect the previous brand names. For example, the adhesive Purbond HB 110, certified for use 20 years ago, is to be marketed in future under the name Loctite HB 110 Purbond.

In the course of this restructuring exercise, only the names of the products will change. The product compositions, the chemical formulations and the article numbers (Purbond IDH codes) will remain unaffected. This also applies to all approvals and certifications, which will retain their validity, and all technical data sheets and safety data sheets, which will merely be updated to reflect the new nomenclature.

To prevent any misunderstandings, a relatively long transition period has been introduced during which the relevant documentation will be available with both the previously familiar product names and the rebranded product names, with both sets administered in parallel. If customers or other stakeholders have any questions relating to this reorganization, they are most welcome to address these at any time to their Henkel or Purbond contact.