Dec 12, 2014  Gaziantep / Turkey

Fostering educational improvements in Turkey

Creating a better future together

Not only during Christmas time but throughout the entire year Henkel employees are socially engaged and give back to their communities. In Turkey, for example, two corporate volunteering projects were realized through Henkel’s Make an Impact on Tomorrow (MIT) initiative this year. Both projects, “Training Mothers of Newborn Children” and “Füsun Pars Language classroom”, focus on education and creating a better future for mothers and pupils.

The “Training Mothers of Newborn Children” project took place in Gaziantep, one of Turkey’s cities with the highest number of newborn deaths. To improve the quality of newborn care, Henkel’s employees initiated trainings with a doctor who is an expert in newborn care. 100 mothers participated in the lecture on the birth process and in training on how to take care of a newborn child at the Karacaoğlan Elementary School.

The “Füsun Pars Language Classroom” is named after a former Henkel employee who recently passed away. To enhance the educational situation and increase the pupil’s performance, Henkel employees renovated one of Karacaoğlan Elementary School’s classrooms with new desks, cupboards, smart boards and laptops in November. Now the children of Gaziantep are able to learn English in a modern and comfortable environment.

The initiators of the projects are İdil Örmen, Hygienic & Tissue Adhesive Technologies Market Segment Manager, and Ezgi Baş, Hygienic & Tissue Adhesive Technologies Sales Engineer. “A year ago we had a dream and thanks to many people’s efforts this dream came true. It was very special and inspiring to see that. We want young mothers to benefit from permanent training measures on newborn care, and also hope that future generations will learn and thrive in the Füsun Pars Language Classroom. We would like to thank everyone who supported the project “, said İdil Örmen also on behalf of Ezgi Baş.

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