Jan 8, 2015  Suzhou, China

Impregnation solutions

Henkel Opens Asia’s first Loctite Impregnation Service Center in China

Henkel opened its first Asia-Pacific Loctite Impregnation Service Center in Suzhou, China. With this new service center, Henkel brings its leading and innovative impregnation technology from Europe into Asian and other emerging markets.

The Suzhou Loctite Impregnation Service Center (LIS) is a modern 1,000 square meter workshop located in the center of Suzhou Industrial Park which is 50 km from Shanghai. This service center, located in the vicinity of major automotive manufacturers and their suppliers, means reduced transportation distances equating to time and cost savings.

Staffed with in-house technical service engineers, LIS offers a world class level of quality and service with maximum flexibility to increase efficiency in customer’s processes.

Loctite is one of a kind standardized process flow, quality system, fully automated computer controlled impregnation system, and high-tech resins deliver consistent quality and unmatched sealing performance. Once parts are returned, customers can expect maximum sealing rates, zero damage, and zero distortion, clean and ready to use parts for the subsequent processing steps. The highly efficient design of Loctite impregnation service enables customers to achieve greater levels of sustainability by minimizing wasted resin and shortening the processing time.

Loctite Impregnation solutions reliably seal all forms of porosity in many automotive parts, such as cylinder heads, water pumps, and compressors.

Since its establishment, Henkel has hosted experts from foundries, automobile manufacturers, and machining industries. Henkel plans to further expand the Loctite Impregnation Service Center in the coming years in order to accommodate an increasing need for quality and innovative technologies from the Asian automotive market.

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