Jan 8, 2016  Sydney / Australia

Laundry & Home Care in Australia and New Zealand

New beginnings with top brands

By acquiring the powder and liquid laundry detergents and laundry aids from Colgate-Palmolive in Australia and New Zealand, Laundry & Home Care became the No. 1 in these markets – thus laying the foundations for a completely new organization. It is thanks to the start-up mindset and exceptional dedication of the team built up in these countries that the first key milestone – driving the business ahead independently – has been achieved in just six months.

Bruno Piacenza (center foreground), Executive Vice President Laundry & Home Care, and Lambert Bloderer (right foreground)

Visiting in Sydney: Bruno Piacenza (center foreground), Executive Vice President Laundry & Home Care, thanked Lambert Bloderer (right foreground) and his newly set-up team at Laundry & Home Care in Australia for the successful launch of the integration process.

The conditions are perfect for future growth: The laundry detergent brands Cold Power, Dynamo, Fab and Sard are preferred choices among consumers in Australia and New Zealand. To turn this acquisition of local leading brands into another success story for Laundry & Home Care, a strong team with a vigorous entrepreneurial spirit is essential – because building up an organization from scratch demands enthusiasm, perseverance and an unshakeable will to work together to create something new.

From day one, the initial team of three staffing the Project Management Office (PMO) led by General Manager Lambert Bloderer faced a multitude of tasks. Since even the infrastructure was not yet fully established, the support provided by the Finance and Human Resources functions – which were already operating in the region – and from the local colleagues of Henkel Beauty Care in Sydney was a huge help. Starting afresh means great freedom to act, and yet it brings challenges as well: Besides setting up the IT infrastructure and finance plans, the focus was very much on key areas of the acquired business.

During his visits to Australia and New Zealand in October, Bruno Piacenza, Executive Vice President Laundry & Home Care, personally welcomed the new teams: “I am delighted with the sense of excitement I can feel here and the dedication each one of you brings to the job,” said Piacenza. “In this challenging market with strong retailers, it is precisely this will to win that makes the difference.” In the meantime, the team is now complete with around 70 people, all ready to go when the business launched. “Since December 1, we have been operating it independently – with our own field sales team and tailor-made systems,” explains Bloderer. “By working all out in tandem with all the different working groups in the integration team, the local colleagues have managed to reach this milestone in just six months.” And the team is gearing up to meet its next goal: Collaborating closely with its customers, local R&D and Supply Chain to successfully bring all the innovations from Laundry & Home Care to the market.