Jan 16, 2015  Hemel Hempstead / United Kingdom

Got2b how-to styling videos

Lights, camera, style!

Where do you find inspiration on trendy hair styles? Turn your bathroom into a stylist temple – all you need is the internet and a little help from Schwarzkopf’s got2be brand.

The got2b brand in the UK launched seven how-to styling videos on Schwarzkopf’s YouTube channel – one that’s targeted at men and six that feature different female hair trends. Through inspiring content, the videos build brand awareness while showcasing hairstyling trends and products for today’s style-savvy consumers. To date, the videos have already been viewed 50,000 times.

Designed to inspire the brand’s target audience to try out the latest hairstyle trends with got2b’s innovative products, these vibrant, young and fresh videos were filmed in only two days.

“There are one billion hair searches on Google every month, so it’s important that got2b has a presence within the wealth of educational content available,” said Brand Manager Ceri Polglass. "The got2b videos reflect the latest trends, stand out from the crowd and communicate the brand’s vibrant and energetic image. We captured the spirit of got2b by using bold colours and unique camera techniques (including ‘style 360s’), and by working with a leading UK hair stylist”.

“To have high standard educational content like this, is a great step forward for the brand,” Polglass added. “I was extremely proud and excited to see all of the hard work come to life. We believe the videos are a great asset to the brand and we look forward to continuing the momentum this year!”

Watch the full range of got2b videos on the Schwarzkopf UK YouTube channel.

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