Jan 27, 2015  Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel education initiative

“Explorer’s World” on the Bosphorus

Henkel’s initiative “Forscherwelt” – in English “Explorer’s World” – will soon be responsible for children’s sparkling eyes and their amazement. The groundbreaking project will be introduced as “Keşif Dünyası” to children in elementary schools around Istanbul – all thanks to Türk Henkel.

From left to right: Hande Ardane, Barbaros Akkurt and Selen Ayganat.

Guided by Ute Krupp (2nd from the right), three guests from Turkey were invited to perform typical experiments. From left to right: Hande Ardane, Barbaros Akkurt and Selen Ayganat.

“Forscherwelt” at Henkel in Düsseldorf is a great place for children who enjoy the fun and excitement of experimenting in labs. Recently, however, “Forscherwelt” manager Ute Krupp also welcomed three adults to a collaboration at the lab bench: Hande Ardane, Head of Corporate Communications at Türk Henkel, chemist teacher Dr. Barbaros Akkurt, and Selen Ayganat, who was visiting “Forscherwelt” as a representative of the Turkish Creative Children’s Association. “We are taking this Explorer’s World’ to elementary schools in Istanbul,” says Hande Ardane about her mission.

Potatoes for experiments with starch

Using potatoes for experiments? For many of the experiments with starch – all of them suitable for children – potatoes were an ideal source for the material.

The preparations for exporting “Forscherwelt” to the Bosphorus began back in 2014, which was also marked the German-Turkish “Year of Research, Education and Innovation,” called upon by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research in alliance with the Turkish Ministry for Science, Industry and Technology. “We wanted to make a really special contribution – one that wasn’t just innovative, but also promoted the values of sustainability,” explains Ardane. “In addition, engaging with the community is also an integral part of Türk Henkel’s philosophy. And all of this is reflected in our ‘Keşif Dünyası’ initiative.”

Preparations in Düsseldorf were recorded by a film team

With Türk Henkel set to introduce “Forscherwelt” – Explorer’s World in English and “Keşif Dünyası” in Turkish – to Istanbul, the preparations in Düsseldorf were recorded by a film team.

Türk Henkel succeeded in gaining the Turkish Creative Children’s Association as a partner in the project. Furthermore the project will be supported by the Turkey Chemical Society for the training of the future teachers. “Barbaros Akkurt is currently launching a ‘Train the Trainer’ program in Istanbul in cooperation with the Turkey Chemical Society. And Selen Ayganat will soon be visiting the first elementary school in Istanbul,” says Ardane, explaining the next steps. “We’re starting in Istanbul, since that’s where Türk Henkel’s head office is located. However, our aim is to take “Keşif Dünyası” in order to prompt children’s curiosity in exploring things.”

It is beneficial for schools that the project can be realized easily. “For the schools it's not necessary to have special chemistry labs,” says Ute Krupp. “The experiments that I have put together for our colleagues at Türk Henkel can be carried out in any classroom – with just a few accessories and common ‘test materials’ such as vinegar, eggshells, starch, soap and potatoes.” Krupp has no doubt that the initiative will be a success: “Transferring the initiative to Russia has turned out to be a great success. The “Forscherwelt” over there is quite popular.”

“Forscherwelt” is a Henkel education initiative, where children become young researchers and enjoy a playful introduction to the secrets of science. In 2011, Henkel set up dedicated premises, “Forscherwelt”, in Düsseldorf that are tailored to children’s needs. The initiative’s patron is Dr. Simone Bagel-Trah, Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board and the Shareholders’ Committee at Henkel.

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