Jan 30, 2015  Australia

Centre of Excellence

On the go: New training program in Australia

In February, Henkel is launching an exciting new pilot training program on its Loctite products in Australia, called the ‘Centre of Excellence’. Aimed at providing face-to-face product education to all distributors in both metropolitan and regional areas, the program will be delivered through a state-of-the-art mobile engineering solutions facility. The mobile facility can accommodate up to eight people, and allows training sessions to be conducted in air-conditioned comfort at the distributors’ locations.

The mobile facility ‘Centre of Excellence’

The mobile ‘Centre of Excellence’ facility aims to deliver informative and interactive training sessions at distributors’ sites.

A trainer will take the Loctite mobile facility to various locations around Victoria and South Australia. The ‘Centre of Excellence’ training sessions last a couple of hours and are interactive group programs that include product demonstrations, videos and tips from industry best practices. With this program in place, the trainer can then also promptly share customers’ feedback on services and products with the head office during the visits.

John Ellis, National Sales Manager, General Industry Adhesives (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) at Henkel Australia, explains: “The new mobile facility provides an excellent opportunity for Henkel to communicate personally with re-sellers in regional areas, which have been difficult to reach in the past.”

“This new mobile ‘Centre of Excellence’ program will be piloted in Victoria and South Australia. It will help us improve the relationship with distributors at all levels as well as important markets, such as plumbing, mechanical and body repairs. If successful, the program has the potential to be rolled out nationally across the next 12 months,” Ellis says.

Besides taking Henkel’s customer service to the next level, the attractive design of the mobile facility helps to spread the awareness of the Loctite brand.

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