Mar 2, 2015  Düsseldorf / Germany

Awards for Henkel

Strong performance in international image rankings

In Fortune´s “World´s Most Admired Companies” ranking, Henkel was confirmed as one of the most reputable companies in its industry category, finishing in sixth place – a three-rank improvement from last year. The survey, which is published in cooperation with Hay Consulting Group, asks more than 4,000 executives, directors, and analysts in 29 countries which companies they admire most.

Henkel logo on a rooftop in Duesseldorf.

Henkel logo at the site in Düsseldorf, Germany

As in the previous year, Henkel also ranked in the Top 10 in the Best Corporate Brand category, according to Germany’s “Best Brand 2015” ranking on German companies’ reputation. The survey among consumers assesses the brand’s economic success and its popularity. The ranking reflects a significant improvement in Henkel's reputation over recent years.

“These results show that we are consistently implementing our strategy and successfully communicating our business performance in the global environment” said Carsten Tilger, Head of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs at Henkel.

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