Feb 11, 2015  Henkel France

“Product of the Year” awards in France

Winning the hearts of consumers

Henkel’s three business units all won “Product of the Year” honors in this year’s competition in France, recognizing the best retail products in different categories. Each year more than 10,000 consumers vote for the products they prefer based on three criteria: innovation, attractiveness and satisfaction.

And the winners are…

Beauty Care

Diadermine N°110 crème de Beauté Jour is an anti-aging day cream to smooth wrinkles and fine lines. Its unique formula has been infused with 110 drops of a powerful concentrate consisting of 11 anti-aging active ingredients.

Saint Algue Syoss Tenue Invisible Fixation Forte: Thanks to its micro-fine spray and its ultra-light and non-sticky formula, it guarantees a perfect long-lasting hold, which is natural and invisible on the hair.

Laundry & Home Care

Bref WC Power Activ’ is the first range of toilet rim blocks made of four balls with a specific action each to always keep the toilets clean and fresh: powerful foam for deep cleaning flush by flush, anti-lime scale function, a dirt-protection formula and extra freshness.

Adhesive Technologies

Pattex 100% Pate à réparer can repair, bond or seal everything in only three steps! Cut the dough with the built-in cutter, knead and apply!

Henkel opened its French branch almost 50 years ago. Today, the French market is among the most important ones for the company with strong local brands including Mir, Mont Saint Michel, Rubson and Diadermine, and international brands including Fa, Syoss and Loctite.

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