Feb 19, 2015  Düsseldorf / Germany

Microsoft video recalls Henkel’s successful transition to Microsoft Office 365

„Everything is connected“

With its rapid deployment of Microsoft Office 365 last year, Henkel successfully simplified the way of collaboration and teamwork, proactively connecting its more than 47,000 employees in a digital way. To highlight the project’s success, Microsoft created an appealing video, showcasing Henkel employees’ passion for innovation and collaboration.

“Everything is connected,” the video begins. “At Henkel, our work links us to important moments, large and small, in the everyday lives of people around the world. When we simplify the way we work, it makes a big difference for our employees and our customers,” says interviewee Dr. Salima Douven, Head of Digital & eBusiness Adhesive Technologies at Henkel. “Office 365 facilitates the exchange of information internally and with our customers and partners to make our business processes more efficient and more agile,” adds Joachim Jäckle, Corporate Senior Vice President Integrated Business Solutions at Henkel.

Henkel turned to a cloud computing solution in order to promote its long term success in a modern workplace. Pulling together the work of 47,000 employees to produce and bring billions of products to market requires intensive collaboration. Video and web conferencing, as well as sharing and collaborating on files, streamlines that process at Henkel.

Moving to the new technology was a vast task. The goal for the implementation was 12 months, but the Office 365 implementation was finished even earlier. For the rollout, the IT department held information sessions, sent personalized emails which were translated into 27 languages, developed 56 different eLearning modules in ten different languages, and set up dialogue events to answer any potential question.

Watch the video from Microsoft:

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