Feb 26, 2015  Algiers, Algeria

Henkel employees help 800 underprivileged children have a great day

A magical day in Algeria

In a better world, all children would have the freedom to learn, laugh, and play, without suffering from health problems and rumbling bellies. We do not live in that world – yet. In Algeria, an estimated 23% of the population live below the national poverty line, according to the last available data from 2006. Henkel employees in Algeria chipped in to help local underprivileged children, volunteering their time at a carefree day of fun and games and putting smiles on kids’ faces.

At the “Grand Bal Masqué” event

Both kids and volunteers alike had fun at the “Grand Bal Masqué” event

Henkel Algeria supported the “Grand Bal Masqué” (the Great Masquerade) event, organized by the association “Le Souk”. A team of Henkel volunteers helped “Le Souk” bring together 800 children from hospitals, orphanages, and specialized treatment centers. Most of the children deal with social problems, poverty, severe illness, or disability on a daily basis, but at the event, the kids got to focus on having fun, dressing up as princesses, fairies, or superheroes and taking part in games and activities. On stage, music and clowns entertained the children, and they learned about cultures from around the world in several workshops. Others simply spent the day painting and drawing. Henkel volunteers looked after the kids throughout the day, making sure they were safe.

By helping with the “Grand Bal Masqué,” employees from Henkel Algeria showed their commitment to assisting the underprivileged in their country, making the event a memorable one for the children.

Le Souk” is an Algerian organization established in 1995 by a group of medical students who wanted to change environment they lived in for the better. Today, the organization has a large number of volunteers and students from various sectors, and 95% of the helpers are under the age of 25. Through special initiatives and fundraising events, the organization aims to better the lives of underprivileged children in Algeria.

A volunteer princess paints the face of a young boy

A volunteer princess paints the face of a young boy at the “Grand Bal Masqué” event

Henkel Algeria charity team

Henkel employees in Algeria say “thumbs up“ to helping others

For more information on the organization, follow the link: www.lesouk.org/general

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