Mar 9, 2015  Düsseldorf / Germany

International Women’s Day 2015

Strengthening diversity

International Women’s Day took place for the 104th time yesterday. Let’s take a moment to look back at where we are today.

Over the last years, Henkel has systematically increased the number of women in executive positions. Henkel holds a leading position among German companies, with 33% of management positions held by women.

“This is no reason for us to leave things the way they are,” explains Kirsten Sánchez Marín, Head of Global Diversity at Henkel. “Our goal is to continuously increase the share of women in management positions.” Emphasizing work life-flexibility is important to achieving this. Flexible working conditions are an investment in future success and are relevant for all employees, and not just for women.

Henkel is in conversation with both employees and other companies to gather additional ideas on how to advance the agenda. The company is also a member of the corporate initiative “Diversity Charter.”

Though progress toward gender equality has been made, International Women’s Day is far from being obsolete. “We are still not where we could be. It is indisputable that there are still obstacles that make it harder for women to hold top executive positions. International Women’s Day is a good opportunity to further increase conversation about this important topic, especially taking into account that conditions for working women worldwide vary greatly,” said Sánchez Marín.

You’ll find detailed statements from Henkel and additional information about the diversity charter corporate initiative here.

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