Apr 2, 2015  Düsseldorf / Germany


Spotlight on the Henkel-Sustainability#Master®

Thanks to the Henkel-Sustainability#Master®, a product’s sustainability performance can be systematically measured and continuously improved.

For Henkel, this is not a question of developing individual “green” products where only the environmental profile has been improved. The company’s aim is to continuously improve all products across its entire portfolio, taking every aspect into account. Therefore, it is important to measure all changes systematically. And that is where the Henkel-Sustainability#Master® comes into play – a measurement tool for products and processes along the entire value chain.

The Henkel-Sustainability#Master® consolidates information from life cycle analyses, stakeholder feedback and external product requirements. At the heart of the system is a matrix that simplifies previously complex multi-stage assessment methods to create a clear and comprehensible overview. Henkel’s declared aim is to increase product value while at the same time minimizing the associated environmental footprint.

Take a look at this four-minute video and see how Henkel is able to generate a better overall sustainability profile for its products with the Henkel-Sustainability#Master®.

How is the Henkel-Sustainability#Master® used?

The Henkel-Sustainability#Master® serves as a communication tool. The Marketing and Sales teams fill it with specific product information and adapt it to suit each specific regional market. It is also widely used as a presentation tool in dialogue with retail partners, non-governmental organizations, research institutions and other stakeholders.

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