May 19, 2015  Buenos Aires / Argentina

Community relations in Argentina

Henkel Sustainability Club kicks off 2015 activities

Kicking off its 2015 activities, the “Henkel Sustainability Club”, Henkel’s community relations program in Argentina, put on a children’s play promoting environmental care at the International Book Fair in Buenos Aires last week. In its fifth year, the Henkel Sustainability Club was developed in Argentina to promote meaningful business and community relations. The club organizes events that reflect Henkel’s commitment to social responsibility, and promotes sustainable development and the importance of the “3Rs” (reduce, reuse, and recycle).

Play “El Tiempo y los Henkel” put on at the International Book Fair in Buenos Aires

Kids travel back in time and learn to make sustainable changes at home through the play “El Tiempo y los Henkel” put on at the International Book Fair in Buenos Aires.

Forscherwelt” (Researchers’ World) workshop in Argentina

Young and curious minds make good scientists at a “Forscherwelt” (Researchers’ World) workshop.

“We were proud to put on our play at the International Book Fair. It offered a chance to promote a more sustainable world to children,” said Ignacio Martínez Sabino, Head of Corporate Communications at Henkel Argentina & Chile. The play, “El Tiempo y los Henkel”, portrays the everyday life situations of a couple who travels back in time, focusing on small contributions to sustainability that can be made in the home. More than 180 children attended the play, receiving seeds to plant and a card distinguishing them as members of the Henkel Sustainability Club.

From May to July, the Henkel Sustainability Club will visit 14 schools in Chivilcoy and San Isidro, cities in the Buenos Aires Province. The play “El Tiempo y los Henkel” will be put on, and children will participate in a “Forscherwelt” (Researchers’ World) workshop, which aims to awaken children’s interest in science. Kids perform simple science experiments using everyday materials under the guidance of the “Forscherwelt” scientists.

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