May 27, 2015  Jakarta / Indonesia

Working with Habitat for Humanity in Indonesia

Building homes, rebuilding lives

A team of 60 volunteers from Henkel Indonesia recently flew to Indonesia’s North Sumatra province to participate in a house-building project in the village of Tanjung Anom. With funding from Henkel’s ‘Make an Impact on Tomorrow’ (MIT) initiative, Henkel partnered with the NGO Habitat for Humanity to provide better housing and water sanitation facilities for rural communities like Tanjung Anom.

Henkel volunteers spent a day in Mauk working with Habitat for Humanity

Henkel volunteers spent a day in Mauk working with Habitat for Humanity to build homes for the local communities.

Tanjung Anom is in the sub-district of Mauk in the north of the Tangerang district, which was chosen by Habitat for Humanity Indonesia as one of its focus areas for its holistic community-based housing solutions. Located two and a half hours from Jakarta, it is a mostly rural geographically-flat area with low population density and a large proportion of wetlands.

Through its collaboration with Habitat for Humanity, Henkel is contributing towards improving the lives of the local communities of Mauk. Employee volunteers from Henkel participated in the building of two houses with toilets, water and sanitation facilities and a 100-meter drainage system. They were actively involved in all stages of house-building: from laying the foundation and assembling bricks, to painting the houses.

Hany Tovina, Safety Health Environment and Quality Officer from Henkel’s adhesive plant in Tangerang, said, “I am honored and proud to be one of the Henkel volunteers. I must admit it wasn’t easy, yet I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to contribute to the community by building a better home for them.”

Established in 1998 at Henkel, the MIT Initiative (Make an Impact on Tomorrow) supports the social volunteering activities of the company’s employees and retirees. Employees and retirees can apply for donations in kind or product donations for their specific project, or for special paid leave for time-consuming voluntary engagements.