May 28, 2015  Athens / Greece

Corporate social responsibility at Henkel in Greece

Greek children learn to carry a “green suitcase”

In northern Greece, the “Travel with a Green Suitcase” sustainability training program is educating elementary school students on key behaviors that they can adopt in their everyday lives to live more sustainably. Henkel in Greece developed the training program in cooperation with EKEDISY, the National Center for Research and Rescue of School Material, as part of Henkel’s campaign “I support Greece – I clean for the future”. The program has been ongoing since the beginning of May.

The logo for the

The logo for the “I support Greece – I clean for the future” campaign coordinated by Henkel in cooperation with EKEDISY, the National Center for Research and Rescue of School Material.

In the interactive training program, students select from among seven energy-saving actions, learning ways to save water and energy and reduce and sort waste. A wiki platform gives students the chance to post updates on their actions online and enter a major competition which will be held at the end of the program. The “Green Suitcase” program is already underway in northern Greece, and will be rolled out in the rest of Greece in the back-to-school period in September. The first phase includes 20 schools in northern Greece, and the second phase will include around 200 schools from all over Greece.

Another part of the campaign is the collaboration with major retailers to support children in need and their families. Henkel hopes to support up to 2,000 families by either giving them detergent free-of-charge for a year, providing lunch at school cafeterias, or by taking up clothing donations and redistributing the clothing to families who can use them.