May 29, 2015  Düsseldorf / Germany

Contributing to a more sustainable world

Henkel joins European Sustainable Development Week

Henkel is participating in the first European Sustainable Development Week (ESDW), taking place from May 30 until June 5, 2015. This European-wide initiative, supported by the European Sustainable Development Network, aims to boost the visibility of activities, projects, and events that promote sustainable development. The ESDW acts as an umbrella for existing national sustainability weeks in Europe while motivating new sustainable activities in other European countries.

„(Y)OUR MOVE toward Sustainability”-Kampagne von Henkel

A focus of Henkel’s “(Y)OUR MOVE toward Sustainability” campaign is saving energy.

With its “(Y)OUR MOVE toward Sustainability” campaign, Henkel will be encouraging sustainable behavior at work through simple actions such as turning off lights when leaving, printing less and using reusable water bottles. The motto “You change a little. We change a lot” shows the big, positive impact that many small individual actions can have.

Over the course of the coming week, there will be a variety of activities at Henkel to inspire employees to change their mindset and to adopt more sustainable behaviors, focusing on the following areas: saving energy and water, choosing sustainable and healthy food, recycling and donating items to charities, and printing smart.

Please tune in next week to find out how you can save energy and burn calories at the same time! We will also show you how you can change your shopping routine to save money by buying locally and tell you more about saving water in the bathroom.

For more information on the European Sustainable Development Week and sustainability at Henkel, go to:

Watch the video and get encouraged to behave sustainable at work.