Jun 22, 2015  Düsseldorf / Germany

Partnership with CEMS

OneDay@Henkel for Cologne students

On Friday, 30 students from the PIM & CEMS club at the University of Cologne got a taste of what an internship or job at Henkel could offer. Divided into small groups, the students spent the morning in the respective departments they had signed up for. The program was rounded off in the afternoon by a presentation, a question and answer session about career paths at Henkel, and a speed networking session with 15 Henkel managers from different areas, like Purchasing, Finance, or Marketing.

Studenten des PIM & CEMS Clubs beim OneDay@Henkel

At OneDay@Henkel, the 30 students from the PIM & CEMS club got a peek at the day-to-day work of an international cooperation.

OneDay@Henkel für Kölner Studenten

Putting theory into practice: during a tour of the company premises, the students discovered different applications of corporate design.

Sarah Unkelbach (links), Employer Branding Managerin bei Henkel

After a morning spent in the departments, Sarah Unkelbach (left), Employer Branding Manager at Henkel, was eager to hear the students’ impressions.

Kim Katharina Miersch (23) und Tianran Ren (25) chose to visit the Corporate Brand Management team. After a briefing on Henkel’s corporate design, the students took a short tour of the company premises at the corporate headquarters in Düsseldorf. Different facets of the Henkel corporate design were highlighted. On signs, banners, and in the reception area – the red-and-white Henkel design can be found everywhere. “Henkel is very active at the University of Cologne and it strikes me as a great, modern company,” said participant Miersch. Anne Koch, Head of Corporate Brand Management, also believes in the OneDay@Henkel concept: “Not only is the event a good opportunity for students to get a better impression of the company, it’s also a way for us as a team to get to know talented students. Students get to experience for themselves what it’s like to work at Henkel.”

Since 1994, Henkel has been one of the over 70 corporate partners of CEMS (The Global Alliance in Management Education), a network of leading business schools and international companies. With its seminars, workshops, and businesses projects, Henkel actively supports students, helping them acquire practical training. “Through their initiative-taking, flexibility, powers of persuasion, and capacity for teamwork, CEMS students demonstrate all of the qualities that we’re looking for at Henkel,” said Sarah Unkelbach, Employer Branding Manager at Henkel and the event’s organizer. A quick glance at the numbers speak to the partnership’s success: 80 CEMS alumni worldwide currently work at Henkel, and each year about 50 CEMS students complete an internship at the company.

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