Jun 24, 2015  Düsseldorf / Germany

Fa Brand ambassador Maya Gabeira

Fa rides the big wave

Beautiful, successful and powerful: Brazilian Maya Gabeira is currently the best female surfer in the world – and Fa’s new brand ambassador. Read the top surfer’s incredible story and discover what she and Fa have in common.

"Since the 1950s, Fa’s identity has been closely linked to the beach and the sense of freedom it invokes," says Agnès Thée, Corporate Vice President International Marketing Body Care. "However, we needed a special element to add a modern touch to our traditional identity." With her love of surfing and her tremendous courage and willpower, professional surfer Maya Gabeira brings a new flair to Fa.

Maya’s Story

In the water, Maya Gabeira feels at home. The rough sea pounds in her ears and the cool wind tugs at her. The water all around her is her constant companion, as are the waves. Maya Gabeira was 13-years-old when she first climbed on a surfboard, having grown up in Rio de Janeiro, where teenagers love to meet at the beach. Teens there share a passion for surfing, whether they come from rich districts, or from the favelas (slums). At first, surfing was difficult for Maya. She was a poor swimmer and one of only few female surfers. She loved the challenge though, and succeeded through her dedication and determination. At 17, she left Rio de Janeiro for surfer’s paradise Hawaii, signaling the beginning of her successful surfing career. In Hout Bay, South Africa, she rode a now-legendary 14-meter-tall wave, the biggest wave ever ridden by a female professional surfer, gaining international fame for the feat. Today, she has a fan base of over 600,000 followers on Facebook where she updates them on her latest experiences and achievements.
These achievements make Maya the perfect brand ambassador for Fa. She is a powerful woman who does not let failure keep her down and her passion for surfing endured even after a bad accident in 2013 in Nazaré, Portugal.

Maya is currently promoting two Fa innovations: Fa Magic Oil, which provides the sensational skin care you would expect in an oil combined with the rich, luxurious lather of a shower gel. The product is based on oil micro-droplets embedded in a shower gel formula so that they do not impair the surface structure of the foam. The other innovation is the new Fa Fresh & Dry, the first anti-perspirant from Fa with 48-hour reliable deodorant protection and a continuous release of freshness.