Jul 20, 2015  Düsseldorf / Germany

Diversity in the workplace

Henkel works with extraordinary IT consultants

auticon is no typical IT consultancy: it is the first and only company to exclusively employ consultants who are on the autism spectrum. At Henkel, the IT department works together with auticon – a great example of its commitment to inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

The IT consulting firm auticon employs the extraordinary skills of people with autism

The IT consulting firm auticon employs the extraordinary skills of people with autism.

IT specialists with Asperger’s syndrome, a mild, high-functioning form of autism, work at auticon. Such people stand out due to their extraordinary skills and talents, such as a remarkable ability to absorb information, extraordinary attention to detail, an excellent memory and an exceptional analytical capacity for pattern recognition.

“As a result, auticon consultants are able to familiarize themselves with new and complex systems extremely quickly – an impressive quality that helps us tackle complex IT tasks even more successfully,” says Irmgard Arends-Koch, Service Integration Manager at Henkel and the initiator of the collaboration with auticon. For example, there is currently an auticon consultant working on innovative and automated solutions for computer-aided analysis of business data.

“These colleagues truly enrich our team, and it’s become more open as a result of the cooperation. However, there are also challenges to overcome, particularly in terms of social interaction and communication.” That being the case, it was important that these challenges were addressed in an open and constructive manner when the pilot project with two auticon consultants was launched last year at Henkel. “We shouldn’t just tolerate and accept differences, we should welcome them and recognize and embrace the benefits they bring,” explains Arends-Koch. “By doing this, our team and other teams at Henkel will be able to profit from these different approaches and ways of thinking moving forward.”

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