Jul 31, 2015  Düsseldorf / Germany

“Trusted brands” study

Persil is Germany’s most trusted laundry detergent

Together with MDR-Werbung (Advertising), the German Institute for Applied Marketing and Communications Research (IMK) conducted the “trusted brands” representative study, asking 3,000 randomly-selected households which laundry detergent they trust the most and why. The clear-cut winner: Persil.

Persil is Germany’s most trusted brand.

According to the study, Persil is Germany’s most trusted brand.

Persil Universal Megaperls

Washing results, tradition and positive experiences using the product earned Persil its first-place ranking.

For over 108 years, Persil has been regarded as the expert in sparkling clean laundry, its name standing for quality and trust. German consumers’ responses to the study again reinforced this: 27.3 percent of the 3,000 people polled in the study named Persil as the laundry detergent they trust. Twenty-five percent of those consumers trust Persil for its good washing results and deep-cleaning properties. However, tradition (11.9 percent) and positive experiences with the brand (10.9 percent) were also deciding factors. “Full confidence by consumers is the biggest thing that a brand can achieve,” says MDRW managing director Sören Schiller, lauding Persil’s success. The “trusted brands” representative study was conducted in Germany for the first time in 2015.

In addition to Persil, two other Henkel laundry brands made it into the top ten: Spee earned third place and “Weißer Reise” sixth.

Persil revolutionized the once laborious and time-consuming washing process when it was first introduced in 1907. Its name comes from the two main components in the product: perborate and silicate. Unlike the chlorine that had been used until then, the combined of sodium silicate and sodium perborate bleached laundry in an especially gentle and odorless way. Today, Persil is Germany’s number one laundry detergent, where it is used for 3.3 million wash loads a day, and is sold in around 60 countries.