Aug 10, 2015  Düsseldorf / Germany

Schwarzkopf product VIP testers

Customers as digital brand ambassadors

The new Schwarzkopf VIP Tester program offers exclusive access to the products of tomorrow for testing and online evaluation. Product innovations always hold a special attraction for consumers, and they make up for over 45 percent of Henkel Beauty Care’s sales revenue. With its VIP Tester program, Schwarzkopf is offering selected internet users the possibility to exclusively test its latest hair styling, hair care and color products.

Schwarzkopf’s VIP tester program

Through Schwarzkopf’s VIP tester program, chosen consumers receive and test Schwarzkopf products that match their hair profile. They then share their experience with the product online, informing other consumers and helping them discover a suitable product.

“On social media platforms such as Facebook, we invite female consumers to apply to become Schwarzkopf VIP Testers,” says Gesa Geissel, Head of Digital Marketing Brands & Campaigns International. “We ask the applicants to give us information on their hair-styling routines, how they take care of their hair and their reasons for qualifying as a Schwarzkopf brand ambassador.”

Customer benefits thanks to consumers’ feedback

Every month, the chosen consumers receive Schwarzkopf products that match their hair profile. They can then log onto the online VIP Tester platform to submit their experience with the products and upload photos showing their techniques and results. This would be similar to the well-known e-commerce retailers’ sites.

“These personal user experiences are particularly valuable for other interested consumers because they provide a clear and credible description of the product’s benefits,” says Mariya Chernoruk, Schwarzkopf Professional Assistant Digital Marketing Manager International at Henkel.

The VIP Testers are also able to share their product assessments via the share function amongst their Facebook network. Nils Daecke, Corporate Vice President Digital Marketing International, explains the special significance of this function: “As recommendations from friends are one of the most important reasons for purchase decisions, this generates a multiplier effect that helps in winning new customers. The VIP Testers become valuable brand ambassadors on the internet.”

International success

The VIP Tester concept was first implemented in Australia in 2012. Since then it has been established in 17 core countries, including the U.S., where the campaign has been a major component of Schwarzkopf’s market launch strategy. “The VIP Tester program offers consumers a fantastic opportunity to share their experiences with other users and get inspiration from the positive views and results they see,” says Jessica Powell, Manager Media & Integrated Marketing, USA. The assessments given are exceptional, with an average score of 4.5 out of 5 possible stars. The product evaluation results are high and confirm the excellent quality of Schwarzkopf innovations.