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Aug 11, 2015  Hemel Hempstead / United Kindom

Quirky campaign in the UK

Start your day right with Right Guard

Right Guard’s new campaign in the UK is quirky and confident. The plot: A trio of geeky-cool men faces three dashing rivals in suits in a dance off – guess who had more confidence, better moves and didn’t break into a sweat.

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Right Guard’s entertaining new campaign features confident and quirky men in a dance off.


The Total Defence 5 line of Right Guard antiperspirant deodorants has been developed to fight the 5 signs of perspiration: odor, wetness, stickiness, bacteria and stains.

With the goal to develop a more emotional bond with Right Guard consumers to drive loyalty, Henkel’s Body Care team capitalized on the brand’s heritage – a dry sense of humor and the confidence to raise your hands in stressful situations. The campaign was launched in July 2015 in movie theaters around the UK and played out on YouTube pre-rolls, Facebook, Video on Demand and TV program sponsorship.

The advertising campaign for anti-perspirant deodorants shows men how to confidently master any sweaty situation. In the almost two-minute long version of the advert, the main character – a red-bearded and quirky man – and his two friends are depicted in various situations that would usually let any other man sweat. Getting envious looks from other colleagues, the relatable and down-to-earth trio ends up in a dance off with their competitors, the three handsome men in suits. The Right Guard men are not afraid to put their hands in the air and show confidence, revealing no sweat patches at all, while the hunky rivals are sweating bullets.

Reaching almost 28 million views in the first four weeks after the launch, the successful campaign will run until November 2015. The creative campaign is sure to gain some attention and aims to differentiate Right Guard from its competitors with its dry but engaging British humor.


Start your day right with Right Guard

The campaign portrays men who use Right Guard as confident and appealing, unafraid to raise their arms high.

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