Sep 1, 2015  Düsseldorf / Germany

Supporting work-life balance

75 years of in-house childcare facilities at Henkel

The company’s first Kindergarten was established in 1940 because family has always been an important part of the corporate culture at Henkel. Originally, 35 children were looked after at the facilities. Today, there are three Kindergarten and 240 spots available for children from four months to school age.

75-year anniversary of the Gerda Henkel Kindergarten in Düsseldorf

Last week, a family celebration for parents and children from the three Kindergarten was organized at the Gerda Henkel Kindergarten in Düsseldorf, Germany, to mark the 75-year anniversary.

The first Kindergarten in 1940

The first Kindergarten was established in 1940 at Henkel headquarters in Düsseldorf.

“We see it as part of our responsibility to create the right conditions to allow our employees to balance their professional commitments and their personal life,” said Kathrin Menges, Executive Vice President of Human Resources.

The Gerda Henkel daycare center opened in 1951, followed by the “Little Lions” center in 2008 and “The Raccoons” facilities in 2013. In combination with flexible working hours, the daycare centers support work-life balance.

Childcare is one of the many topics that Henkel’s social services advise employees on. Since 1912 already, this department has been providing support at all stages of employees’ professional and private life – to find facilities for a dependent family member or to reintegrate work after a long illness for example.

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