Sep 3, 2015  Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel products make electronic entertainment devices stick together

High-performance adhesives make tablets smaller, lighter and more reliable

At the beginning of September, Berlin turns into the capital of technology. The industry’s leading trade fair IFA is a hotspot for all technical trends and innovations around TV, smartphone, tablet and hi-fi equipment. In some of the trade fair novelties are up to 18 high tech solutions from Henkel Adhesive Technologies.

Up to 18 high tech solutions from Henkel Adhesive Technologies in some smartphones.

In some smartphones there are up to 18 high tech solutions from Henkel Adhesive Technologies.

Today, a life without entertainment electronics is hardly to imagine. The technique of these products has to perform at a high level – at the same time the devices have to be as compact, small and flat as possible. Henkel continuously develops materials that improve not only quality but also reliability and durability by reducing production costs at the same time.

The smaller the electronic components get, the more important become adhesives as an integrated solution for lighter and more stable tablets, mobile phones and digital cameras. Today, modern Henkel products are also able to electrically insulate and if necessary to carry electricity or to dampen vibrations. These functions are required when the mobile phone falls down or when it overheats and needs to cool down again. With the acquisition of the US company Bergquist last year, Henkel was able to expand its portfolio of high performance materials for thermal management in electronic devices.

A commercially available smartphone consists of more than 200 components on one single circuit board. Henkel’s soldering material, alloys of tin, silver and copper, create an electrical connection between circuit board and semiconductor device. Encapsulation materials are mainly based on resin and protect sensitive circuits.

In order to produce electronic conductors for keyboards and in order to guarantee outstanding conductivity in combination with strength and flexibility, Henkel’s conductive coatings are applied on plastic substrates by screen printing. Up to 18 Henkel solutions are put into one single mobile phone. Henkel products can be found in about three quarters of all smartphones.