Oct 1, 2015  Düsseldorf / Germany

Innovative coating technology to increase sustainability and efficiency

Optimal protection for designer garden furniture

Fermob, the French garden furniture manufacturer, opts for Bonderite M-NT 20120 multi-metal coating technology.

 Fermob produces high-grade designer garden furniture

Fermob produces 250 different items of high-grade designer garden furniture in a wide range of colors.

Bonderite M-NT 20120 multi-metal coatings

Bonderite M-NT 20120 multi-metal coatings offer customers from different industries greater flexibility and efficiency combined with enhanced sustainability.

Corrosion protection of metal parts at Fermob

Corrosion protection of metal parts at Fermob.

The colored tables and chairs of the French garden furniture manufacturer Fermob are enjoying an increase in popularity – for example, in numerous street cafés in New York City, at the Roland Garros French Open and in countless private gardens. At its headquarters in Thoissey the company produces 500,000 pieces of garden furniture per year. To ensure the high quality and durability of the metal parts Fermob is opting for innovative coating solutions from Henkel Adhesive Technologies.

By adopting the new Bonderite M-NT 20120 multi-metal pretreatment technology, Fermob is improving its flexibility and efficiency. At the same time the company is also improving its environmental performance as the phosphate- and heavy-metal-free Henkel solution is replacing the traditional iron-phosphating process. This eliminates the need for treatment of the process water and disposal of polluted sewage sludge.

By using Bonderite M-NT 20120, Fermob is able to pretreat the metal parts of designer garden furniture with an exceptionally thin coat. Measuring only 20 to 30 nanometers (nm), the nanoceramic coating is much thinner than a conventional iron phosphate coat (50 to 100 nm) while significantly enhancing paint adhesion and improving corrosion protection by about 30 percent.