Dec 4, 2015  Düsseldorf / Germany

International day of volunteer work

Henkel employees show their commitment to volunteer work worldwide

Every year on December 5, the international day of volunteer work is celebrated. The day helps recognize but also promote volunteer work. At Henkel, social engagement has always been part of the corporate culture. The company and its Fritz Henkel Foundation support educational, scientific, social and cultural projects worldwide through four pillars: employee engagement, social partnerships, brand engagement and emergency aid.

Seamstresses who attend the vocational school, like this student from Sri Lanka, are able to make a living for themselves.

Henkel employee Reimar Heucher volunteers for the education of young Indians: a handicraft school in Pondicherry, which offers new perspectives to young people, including many young people who became orphans after the tsunami.

Children from Sonrise

Through the MIT initiative, Henkel has been supporting the voluntary activities of its employees and retirees since 1998. The initiative supports projects in the field of education and science, activity and health, art and culture, the environment and social projects.

Through the MIT initiative, Henkel supports the voluntary engagement of its employees and retirees. With the launch of the initiative in 1998, Henkel was one of the first German companies to recognize the voluntary engagement of its employees as a core element of its social responsibility. Since then, employees and retirees have been able to donate money or goods for their project or apply for paid time off to assume a particularly time-consuming honorary position. In 2003, Henkel’s MIT initiative received a prize from the German children’s relief organization.

An example of Henkel employees’ voluntary work is the cooperation with the non-governmental organization “Habitat for Humanity.” In October, 20 Henkel employees traveled to Romania to build an apartment building for people in need. As part of another project, 60 employees went to Tanjung Anon in Indonesia in order to provide access to better apartments and sanitary facilities to the people living in rural areas. “I am proud to have been there as one of Henkel’s volunteer helpers,” said Hany Tovina, who is responsible for the topics of safety, health, sustainability and quality in the adhesives production.

Henkel volunteers spent a day in Mauk working with Habitat for Humanity

Social engagement with „Habitat for Humanity“ in Indonesia: 60 employees from Henkel support a house-building project in Tanjung Anom.

For many volunteers, their project is more than „just“ a hobby. Reimar Heucher, who works at Henkel’s Adhesive Technologies business unit, has been supporting for example the expansion of a handicraft school in southern India. The construction works at the school started after the tsunami 11 years ago and aims at providing young people with new perspectives. Reimar Heucher has been dedicating himself to this project, primarily for the planning and the financing and has been one of the main contacts for new purchases, maintenance work and organizational questions.