Dec 18, 2015  Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel Innovation Challenge

Meet the CEO!

For ambitious students aiming for the top, getting advice from someone who has made it there can be a priceless learning opportunity. Six international finalists of the 8. Henkel Innovation Challenge (HIC) got that chance during a special meeting with Kasper Rorsted in Düsseldorf on December 17.

Kasper Rorsted with the international finalists of the 8. Henkel Innovation Challenge

Kasper Rorsted with the international finalists of the 8. Henkel Innovation Challenge

Though the winners of the HIC were decided in April, one last HIC activity remained for the top three teams: a meeting with Kasper Rorsted. The teams composed of six talented students from Belgium, the Philippines, and Italy, traveled to Düsseldorf, where they presented their creative award-winning product ideas to the CEO. Rorsted showed great interest in the students’ innovative solutions and offered them some important advice for the future: “Be always open to changes and take the opportunities that may come up – even if they might bear certain risks! It’s not about not making mistakes, but to learn from them.”

“What is the most important ability a leader should have?”, “What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?”, and “What is your biggest motivation?” Rorsted took a lot of time to answer the diverse finalists’ questions.

The students were impressed: “It was very inspiring to hear what it takes to make a company successful,” said Jérémy Denisty from the Belgian team. And Iva Mladenovic from Italy added: „My personal learning is that one should always have the courage to make even uncomfortable decisions.“

The meeting with the Henkel CEO was accompanied by other activities, including a guided tour of the Henkel plant.

About the Henkel Innovation Challange

The Henkel Innovation Challenge (HIC) is an international student competition. In its eighth edition, students from 28 countries submitted their innovative product and technology ideas for 2050, for the company’s three business units: Laundry & Home Care, Beauty Care and Adhesive Technologies. In the last years, more than 35,000 students have participated in the competition.

Finalists of the 8th Henkel Innovation Challenge

Winners: Team “The Sharp Shepards”, Belgium
Team members: Jérémy Denisty, Marine Van Halle
Product: Persil Energy Patch – a revolutionary way to clean one’s clothes
Benefit: The innovation converts the energy generated by our body movements into electric power.

Second place: Team “Darmalite”, Philippines
Team members: Marco del Valle, Christine Darla Bautista
Product: Buchstrahl – an innovative coating that can essentially transform any surface into a powerful solar cell
Benefit: Using Buckstrahl on any surface of any appliance or gadget will essentially make it self-powering and self-sustaining.

Third place: Team “CyanoFix”, Italy
Team members: Tommaso Bressa, Iva Mladenovic
Product: CyanoFix – a medical superglue, treating internal disruptions, aimed for surgical operations
Benefit: Being more effective and faster, CyanoFix will decrease surgery’s costs and make surgical care more affordable.

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