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Dec 31, 2015  Düsseldorf / Germany

End-of-the-year review

2015 – the year of the anniversaries

The past year was all about anniversaries at Henkel: From 30 years of trading at the stock exchange to the centenary of Konrad Henkel's birth – it is a nice occasion to take a look at what happened in 2015.

Click through the photo gallery to see some of this year’s anniversaries.


Dr. Konrad Henkel, grandson of the company's founder Fritz Henkel, was born 100 years ago on October 25. At the exhibition opening: Dr. Simone Bagel-Trah, Chairwoman of the Shareholders’ Committee and the Supervisory Board, and Henkel CEO Kasper Rorsted.

???gallery.open.slideshow??? 30 years of preferred shares:

30 years of preferred shares: On October 11, 1985, Henkel went public.

???gallery.open.slideshow??? Vor 75 Jahren führte Henkel die erste Kinderbetreuung am Standort Düsseldorf ein

75 years ago Henkel introduced the company‘s first kindergarten in Düsseldorf. Today, there are three in-house childcare facilities at Henkel’s headquarters.

???gallery.open.slideshow??? The brand “Taft” celebrated its 60th anniversary

The brand “Taft” celebrated its 60th anniversary.

???gallery.open.slideshow??? For 100 years Henkel’s business gastronomy has offered a wide range of food for employees

For 100 years Henkel’s gastronomy has offered a wide range of food for employees at the company’s headquarters in Düsseldorf.

???gallery.open.slideshow??? The brand “Sidolin

The brand “Sidolin,” the most successful glass cleaner in Germany, celebrated its 60th anniversary.

???gallery.open.slideshow??? The company’s medical service celebrated its 75th anniversary

The company’s medical service celebrated its 75th anniversary. Today, more than 9,000 employees of Henkel and other companies located at the Düsseldorf site are being taken care of by 21 doctors and assistants.

???gallery.open.slideshow??? Since 1885 the Aok brand stands for natural beauty

Since 1885 the Aok brand stands for natural beauty. The cosmetics line was developed based on natural raw materials.

And there were even more highlights throughout the year. You can find a small selection below:

"Forscherwelt" in Istanbul

Henkel’s education initiative “Forscherwelt” (in English “Explorer’s World”) is now also available at the Bosphorus. The groundbreaking project was introduced as “Keşif Dünyası” to children in elementary schools around Istanbul.

Loctite scores at the "Big Game"

For the first time a Henkel product was advertised in the commercial break during the annual championship game of the National Football League with a 30-second TV commercial. Loctite's advertising was a big success.

Breakthrough in e-commerce

Henkel Beauty Care recorded triple-digit growth in the Chinese e-commerce market.


New customer center

With its Global Experience Center in Düsseldorf, the business unit Laundry & Home Care sets new standards in terms of customer relationship management and customer value creation. By offering the very latest trends in digital technology the center provides a unique showcase for the business unit’s innovations and expertise.

A start with top brands

With the acquisition of leading powder and liquid detergent brands from Colgate-Palmolive, Henkel enters the Australian and New Zealand detergent market.

Global launch of Yammer

In September Henkel launched the internal social enterprise network Yammer.

A big plus for Henkel employees

Henkel CFO Carsten Knobel officially opened a company childcare facility in Bratislava, the first outside of Germany.

Challenge accepted!

On the occasion of the 21st World Climate Summit in Paris Henkel employees from around the world exchanged their ideas about their personal contribution to help save the climate.

By the beard of the pharaoh

This news went around the world: The beard of the world-famous, more than 3,000-year-old golden mask of Tut Ankh Amun fell off during a cleaning procedure and was hastily glued back on improperly. With the support of adhesives experts from Henkel the beard was removed from the mask and fixed with a customized glue provided by Henkel. In December the restored golden mask of the young pharaoh was presented to the world public during a ceremony at the Egyptian museum in Cairo.

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