Jan 12, 2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

Hair care tips from Henkel

What to do about dull winter hair

Icy wind and dryness caused by the heating system create difficult environments for the hair and scalp, so an extra portion of care and attention is well advised. With a couple of tricks and tips, you can ensure that your stressed winter hair makes it through the cold season in good form.

dull winter hair

Icy wind and dryness caused by the heating system demand an extra portion of care for the hair.

One of the biggest problems in the winter for skin and hair is the dryness of the air, and not only that caused by central heating. The pure physical reality is that the colder the air is, the less humidity it contains and therefore the greater the propensity for water to be drawn from the environment. This is manifested in the form of brittle, dull hair and a sensitive scalp. And there are two further problems: A decrease in sebum production – that is the oil emitted from your pores onto your scalp and skin – and the unpleasant micro climate produced under thick woolen hats. The best help for stressed winter hair comes from gentle yet enriching care products. So here are a few tips showing you how to look after your hair properly during the winter months.

Tip 1: Frizzy hair sticks out from the head because it has become electrically charged. This can happen if hair is very dry. Choose the right care products to ensure that the moisture content is rebalanced – moisturizing treatments or anti-frizz products are a particular help.

Tip 2: If you use straighteners, make sure you also apply special styling products that protect the hair from heat. Beware: Avoid the use of straighteners on wet hair. That causes the water in the hair to boil, adding to the damage caused.

Tip 3: Blondes should become a shade darker during the winter season – that looks more natural and also protects the hair.

Tip 4: Brushing with natural bristles ensures that the cuticle is smoothed back down on the surface of each strand of hair, adding gloss and giving the hair a healthy look.

Tip 5: Hairspray also has an antistatic effect. Spray this from a good distance (20-30 cm or 8 to 12 inches) onto the hair and stroke the palms of your hands gently over its surface.