Jan 15, 2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel offers adhesive solutions for electronic wearables

From smart glasses to fitness trackers: Making electronic wearables stick

Smart gadgets and wearable devices are fast growing markets for electronics. Tailor-made adhesives offer various solutions to increase the efficiency of electronic components. As a major supplier to the electronics industry Henkel Adhesive Technologies is exhibiting its product applications during the second “Wearable Expo” in Tokyo, Japan.

Gap Filler material

Gap Filler materials are thermal interface formulations provided in a liquid medium for greater flexibility and manufacturing automation. They provide the ability to control thickness, adapt for device topography and eliminate assembly stress for sensitive components.

The world around us is constantly evolving, especially when it comes to technology. Technological advances surround us like never before and we use devices that are intelligent in some way or another on a daily basis.

The “Wearable Expo”, the world’s largest exhibition for wearable devices and technologies taking place mid of January in Tokyo, Japan, brings together new product developments and latest technologies within the electronics industry. Especially wearable devices such as watches, fitness trackers, headsets and smart glasses are trending. However, wearable products require a flexible, reliable and user-friendly functionality, demanding a high proficiency during the production process. Wearables need to survive challenging and varied environments, while at the same time maintaining performance after being dropped, bent or exposed to water or other fluids. Furthermore, wearables include numerous types of displays, from LCD to OLED, which each have unique manufacturing requirements.

Under the Technomelt brand, Henkel offers a wide range of polyamide-based and polyolefin-based hotmelt products

Under the Technomelt brand, Henkel offers a wide range of polyamide-based and polyolefin-based hotmelt products which deliver various benefits in terms of temperature resistance, adhesion to different materials and hardness.

Designed to meet the demands of the electronics industry, Henkel’s portfolio, presented at the “Wearable Expo”, consists of high-performance solder pastes, electrically conductive adhesives and inks. The smaller the electronic components get, the more important the adhesives become as an integrated solution for lighter and more stable devices. With the adhesives brands Loctite and Technomelt Henkel offer its customers underfills, encapsulants, conformal coatings and low pressure molding materials that enable consistent performance and long life cycles for wearable products. To ensure display advances Henkel has partnered with leading developers, formulating some of the industry’s most promising adhesive and overcoat materials.

Moving towards the future and the era of wearables, Henkel continuously develops materials and solutions that improve not only quality but also reliability and durability while simultaneously reducing production costs.