Feb 11, 2016  Vientiane / Laos

Bottling adhesives

Henkel teams up with Coca-Cola in Laos

Henkel Adhesive Technologies was appointed the preferred adhesive supplier for Coca-Cola’s first bottling plant in Laos. Henkel has been the preferred bottling adhesives supplier for ThaiNampthip, the official bottler of Coca-Cola products in Thailand, for a number of years. In order to gain closer access to its local market, Coca-Cola teamed up with ThaiNampthip to establish its first production plant in Vientiane, Laos.

The Henkel Thailand Industrial Adhesives team in Laos

The Henkel Thailand Industrial Adhesives team in Laos (from left): Kwanchai Udomkiattikul, Business Manager; Narawut Chapunya, Sales Engineer; and Chatiruj Kengananskul, Sales Manager.

Coca-Cola bottles

Henkel supplies adhesives to Coca-Cola in Laos.

The facility would produce Coke bottles, which would then be distributed straight to the local base of 5,000 local retailers country-wide. Taking advantage of its close proximity to the Thailand border, the plant would also reinforce the existing supply chain for Northern Thailand.

Kwanchai Udomkiattikul, Business Manager, Industrial Adhesives, Henkel Thailand said: “Coca-Cola needed a reliable adhesive supplier who could not only meet their stringent quality standards but also had a regional footprint to service its diverse needs. As a leading global brand, we were able to win the confidence of Coca-Cola. In addition, we have under our belt many years of experience across Southeast Asia, which is exemplified by our excellent working relationship with ThaiNampthip. All these factors played a key role in our appointment as the preferred adhesive supplier for the Laos plant.”