Feb 12, 2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

Hair tips from Henkel

Find the right shampoo for all hair types

Having trouble finding the right hairstyle? Have the feeling that no matter what you do, you still have several Bad Hair Days in one week? The choice of shampoo could be the reason. Afterall, not every hairstyle requires the same treatment – as a result shampoos contain different ingredients producing different results. Modern hair care includes detailed scientific research, meaning that in every bottle of shampoo, there is great expert knowledge, to the benefit of your hair. But which shampoo is the best for your hair?

The right shampoo for your hair

The right shampoo for your hair type ensures healthy and beautiful hair.

Shampoo for delicate hair

Delicate hair has little volume and tends to hang flat from the head. Often, it‘s very soft and weak. Especially blond women have delicate hair. The right shampoo for this hairstyle should contain supplements like protein and polymere to help strengthen and fluff the hair. Essences like plant extract can help with the depth of your hair. The shampoo should not be too rich in suplements because this could irritate the overall structure of your hair.

Shampoo for dry and damaged hair

A good indication of dry, damaged hair are split ends and straw-like hair. This can occur not only in the winter seasons, but year-round. The best shampoo for this type of hair contains a lot of mostorizing supplements. A good choice for dry and damaged hair would be a shampoo containing a lot of oil or shea butter.

Shampoo for oily hair

Increased sebum production often leads to a straggly hairline, even after washing your hair the same day. For oily hair, the shampoo should include suplements, that help to regain a well-balanced scalp.

Shampoo for gray hair

Gray hair is often very sensitive and thinner than usual. Light can have a strong impact on gray hair, often causing the hair to have a yellow tone. The right choice of shampoo should include a neutralizing substance against the yellow tone, often through a blue-violet pigment.

Shampoo for a sensitive scalp

Itching, burning or redness of the scalp all are indications for a sensitive scalp. The right choice of shampoo for a sensitive scalp should include a friction-reducing tenside to help protect the scalp. In addition, the right shampoo oftentimes includes additives like Panthenol (Pro-Vitamine B5), Bisabolol or Aleo Vera.

Shampoo preventing hair loss

In order to counteract against hair breakage and hair loss, the right shampoo is a key component. When choosing the right shampoo against thinning hair, make sure to look for a shampoo that includes stimulating and strengthening supplements like caffeine or proteins like keratin.

Washing hair without shampoo

Especially in Great Britain and the United States, washing your hair without shampoo is becoming a trend. While this does seem like a quick alternative, not using shampoo for several weeks can lead to unpleasant scalp change, for example greasy dandruff. The best solution for people who tend to have an irretated scalp is to have short shampoo-free breaks (for example on the weekend). In case you didn’t know, the needs of your hair can change over time so make sure that you check regularly, whether the shampoo you are using is still the best one for you.