Mar 3, 2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

Customer partnership with Morey

Innovation Catalyst for Business Expansion

Electronics manufacturer The Morey Corporation (Morey) is working with Henkel Adhesive Technologies for more than 35 years. The launch of the innovative Loctite GC 10 solder paste helped further strengthening the partnership.

Morey supports leading electronic OEMs by delivering electronics design, manufacturing and life cycle solutions to bring innovations to dynamic and demanding markets. Therefore the company utilize a tailor-made package of 15 solutions from Henkel’s comprehensive portfolio. Thanks to the first-ever temperature stable solder paste Loctite GC 10 Morey has selected Henkel as primary solder and adhesive provider.

“Loctite GC 10 was the catalyst for expanding our longstanding relationship,” says Morey Technical Steward Chris Murphy. “The significant growth in our machine-to-machine business demands that we can produce smaller products with increased functionality. Loctite GC 10 accommodates the challenge of assembling high-performance polymers such as 0201s alongside the larger modem parts, all while enabling more business flexibility as a temperature stable solder paste.”

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