Mar 4, 2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

Schwarzkopf Professional initiative

5 years of Shaping Futures

Five years ago, Schwarzkopf Professional’s global charity initiative Shaping Futures was founded. Since then, the charity has achieved a lot, equipping disadvantaged youths with fundamental hairdressing skills to help them shape an independent and successful future.

5 years of Shaping Futures

5 years of Shaping Futures: More than 1,200 disadvantaged youths have been supported since.

In close cooperation with SOS Children’s Villages, Plan, UNESCO and other local non-profit organizations, Schwarzkopf Professional has had a positive impact on the futures of more than 1,200 disadvantaged young people. More than 250 volunteers have implemented over 60 training programs in 25 countries, including India, Morocco, Peru, the Philippines, South Africa and Vietnam. The results speak for themselves: Over half of all students were able to obtain a permanent position. Shaping Futures is a prime example of how education changes lives by helping people escape poverty and hardship.

Behind the numbers, lie many individual stories of hope and achievement. “We are proud, that we have provided hope and new opportunities for people in need,” said Stefan Sudhoff, responsible for the global Professional business of Henkel Beauty Care. “Both students and volunteer coaches benefit from this exchange. The hairdressers and Schwarzkopf partners share their experience with the students and inspire them to pursue a similar profession.”

“In five years, Shaping Futures has changed the lives of all participants,” said Veronique Reuter, responsible for Corporate Social Responsibility at Schwarzkopf Professional. “And this is just the beginning.” In its fifth year, Schwarzkopf Professional is introducing the Shaping Futures initiative in Germany: In cooperation with local vocational schools in Hamburg and Nuremberg, Shaping Futures is providing young refugees with an opportunity to complete a hairdresser education. The aim is to establish a permanent program to help many more students on their way to their own success story.