Mar 17, 2016  Battambang / Cambodia

Schwarzkopf Professional initiative

Shaping a sustainable future – Theara’s journey

For Theara from Cambodia, the hairdresser training she received through Henkel Beauty Care’s social initiative Shaping Futures by Schwarzkopf Professional was a life-changing experience. Trained in 2012, she has a promising long-term career today. This is her story.

After completing her Shaping Futures training, Theara set her sights high, remarking, “I want to open my own salon.” The lessons had left a lasting impression: “I am so thankful for the education in hairstyling and coloring, and happy to have met the teachers. I will never forget this time and the wonderful people,” she said. Before long, Theara had made her dream a reality. Today, she runs her own salon together with another former Shaping Futures student, Pharot, who completed the training in 2010.

Click through the picture gallery to follow her on her journey:

??? Shaping Futures Training

Theara learns to cut hair during her Shaping Futures training by Schwarzkopf Professional.

??? Theara at her own salon in rural Battambang, Cambodia

From student to business woman: Theara cuts a customer’s hair at her own salon in rural Battambang, Cambodia.

??? Theara keeps a pin wall of hairstyles for inspiration

Theara keeps a pin wall of hairstyles for inspiration.

??? Theara holds her first earnings

Hard work pays off: Theara holds her first earnings.

??? Theara and Pharot

Shaping Futures graduates and salon owners, Theara and Pharot.