Mar 23, 2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

Online Talent Communication study by Potentialpark

Awarded online communication with talents

Henkel is among the top companies when it comes to online communication with candidates: In a study conducted by Potentialpark, Henkel was awarded top ten placements in the German edition (out of 165 companies) as well as in the European edition (out of 145 companies). Now the market research institute has also published the Asian edition of the Online Talent Communication ranking, recognizing Henkel as one of the top 30 companies. The study evaluates different channels including career website, online application systems, and social media presence.

Dr. Lena Christiaans (left) with Elisabeth Wicklin

Dr. Lena Christiaans (left), Head of Corporate Employer Branding & Recruitment at Henkel, with Elisabeth Wicklin, CEO of Potentialpark, at the awards ceremony in Germany.

Henkel was awarded eighth place in Potentialpark’s Online Talent Communication 2016 study for Germany

Henkel was awarded eighth place in Potentialpark’s Online Talent Communication 2016 study for Germany.

Potentialpark’s Online Talent Communication Asia 2016: Henkel among the top 30 companies

In Asia, Henkel ranks among the top 30 companies.

“We want to open up the dialogue with our audience – and online channels provide an excellent opportunity for that,” said Dr. Lena Christiaans, Head of Corporate Employer Branding & Recruitment. “Next to our service-oriented offerings, our credibility stands above all. Our goal is to give a real insight into our work and we are pleased that this is received so well.”

In its representative survey, Potentialpark evaluates employers as to what extent they fulfill candidate criteria. Both in the German and Asian edition of the study, Henkel gained top positions in the category "Mobile Interaction," where the company was awarded fifth and second place, respectively. Key to this success, among other criteria, is Henkel’s responsive mobile application design of its career website.

The award reflects Henkel’s strong commitment to address and recruit talents via digital channels. Next to its career website., Henkel is also active on social media platforms and career portals such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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