Mar 31, 2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

No specialist expertise, tools or skill required

Joints as good as new – in just one step

Sealing has never been so easy: the innovative silicone technology Re-New can be applied to existing joints in one simple step without the need for any preparation work, finishing touches, tools – or experience.

Pattex Re-New from Henkel

Re-New can be applied to existing joints in one simple step – joints as good as new without any specialist expertise.

About 70% of the population have at home mouldy and dirty joints. Some 44% of them are not repairing their joints although cracked or mildewed joints in the bathroom are a major no-no. Indeed up to now removing the old sealants, using a cartridge gun, taping the areas around the joints, waiting 24 hours before taking a shower was way too complex, messy and time consuming. So far the only alternative was to bear high costs from having the job done by a craftsman.

Re-New is a totally new way of sealing that enables anyone to get a new clean white joint in just one step without removing the old joint. The new pen applicator makes sealant jobs as easy as using a highlighter. Once the cap opened, Re-New just needs to be applied over the existing joint. On top the new pen has an auto-smoothing feature that makes it also easy to smooth the joint.

Re-New is also easy to correct and can be easily taken out immediately with paper and applied again. This is thanks to the innovative and Henkel exclusive Silicotec 2.0 formula offering optimum adhesion on silicone, exceptional water resistance and excellent flexibility. Odourless and solvent-free, this re-enforced anti-mould sealant formula also kills, cleans and prevents mould long term. Re-New is suitable for all type of joints in bathrooms, showers, toilets, laundry rooms and kitchens. Re-New is the sealing solution for everyone, as easy as using a highlighter and as good as a craftsman.

* Source: MR Online PULSE in Germany Feb. 2015 (IN - 2015 - 530) & Global study, sealants DIY penetration in Germany.

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