Apr 6, 2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel develops a new technology

Welding incompatible plastics

Whether it’s in the automotive industry, the medical industry or for home appliances – a number of plastic combinations can be found everywhere. To join these materials permanently, various joining techniques are applied. Welding such materials has been a reliable joining technique for decades. The problem: Until now, only plastics with similar properties can be welded.

Welding of incompatible plastic combinations

The new technology enables the welding of incompatible plastic combinations.

Application of bonding agent

The application of bonding agents, that make the welding of incompatible plastics possible, are done by a special dosing technique.

An expert team from Henkel Adhesive Technologies has recently developed a new technology that enables the welding of a number of incompatible plastics. With a special dosing technique a compatibilized bonding agent is applied onto plastic material and components. After this procedure the materials can be welded with all conventional welding machines available on the market. The technology offers a high potential for optimizing processes and production procedures within various plastics processing industries. In addition, this technique can be applied to the welding of compatible plastics.

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